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Aggressively Grow Your Business, Beyond Expectations.

Upscale Your Competition.

& Reach the highest level of performance.

Trough Digital Transformation

  • Succeed in your digital transformation and Achieve Massive Growth in a short span of time with a minimal investment.
  • Build the technological solution you always wished you had and solve most of your business problems leveraging the technologies used in digital transformation.
  • Leverage the power of technology and digital transformation to boost the performance of your company, use technology as your main strategic asset.
  • Build the mobile app you always dreamed about, launch and scale it to achieve massive success.
  • Compete at the highest business level and leave your competition in the dust.
  • Build the app you imagine, make it a reality in less than 6 weeks with a plan to dominate the market even with a limited budget

As an Entrepreneur, Business Owner or Manager, You have been facing
Fears and Obstacles
That stand in your way to that phenomenal growth and The digital transformation of your business is the key to achieve that growth.

  • Your business seems to be stuck ?
  • You can’t scale and you’re afraid to ?
  • Are you always worried that you might be making the wrong business decisions ?
  • Do you lack certainty in your decision making due to lack of information ?
  • Or are you worried that a bigger competitor will take you out in the next few months or years ?
  • You fear that your idea will only live in your mind and will never actually become reality ?
  • You don’t know what or who you need to build your app ?
  • What if you hire the wrong person ? what if they start making your app and stop midway and leave you hanging ?
  • What if the app they made you is not scalable and only works for a few hundreds or even thousands ?
  • I can carry on with this: how will you monetize, how will you handle security ?

"I know these fears because I've built more than 35 web and mobile apps
and worked with a dozen business owners and managers helping them succeed in their digital transformation.
and i helped them overcome those fears and obstacles"

Those fears are real, deeply rooted, and very logical as I have heard them be expressed by every business owner, executive and entrepreneur I have ever worked with.

Some businesses never overcome these fears and obstacles, business owners end up not making any progress because they fear that if they take action without enough information a fatal mistake will put an end to the show.
Keep in mind that not taking any actions is also a fatal mistake, a stream of missed opportunities will put you so far behind the market that competing will be meaningless.

Let’s talk about scaling, the way you handle your business today will not be enough tomorrow
how will you manage if you have way more on your plate, things will get out of hand.
Not to talk about the under performance issues that your company might be facing, lack of optimization and much more.

These problems are draining you and you need tools, serious, powerful tools to overcome them. Your competition might already be using those tools, how can you hope to win this race without putting every resource and asset on your side. You need the power that digital transformation has to offer, big companies are leveraging these technologies today, you can start your business digital transformation too, and achieve insane results.

We are here to destroy those Fears,
Take down the obstacles and
Put You at the Top of your industry All trough the power of digital transformation

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to know that to every business problem there is a sophisticated, extremely optimized technological solution.
All we have to do is accurately diagnose your business problems and tailor a well crafted solution that will perfectly solve those problems.

What I mean by “The perfect solution” is that by our experience when the problem or “illness” is accurately diagnosed, the solution made to cure it, may it be software or a data analysis and prediction solution, is actually so well fitting into your business that it will optimize it by all metrics known to business !

The solution will enhance your business performance to an extreme level, the results are extravagant, and you will see those results within the first weeks of implementation.

If you are an entrepreneur willing to build an app or software, well, you are at the right place. What we will do for you is first understand your app perfectly, we will learn to see it how you see it, so we can make sure that the end result is exactly what you had in mind.
You will then be asked a few questions to understand the technical requirements, what resources are exactly needed to make your app a reality.

Within a few hours of our discussion you will see a working prototype of your app !!

You will feel that what always been an idea in your mind and that you only discuss with friends you trust is now a reality, it’s finally happening, you will have your own app in the market, you will see people react to using it, you will finally start living that experience that you always wondered about, the experience of imagining something, building it, launching and seeing it work ! it will not be easy, you will have some frustrations, and we will be with you all the way through. We’ve had this journey with many entrepreneurs before and it was mesmerizing.

Let's show you some digital transformation success stories that prove our methods work across every industry

Shell Mexico: Energy, Food and Leisure


I was approached by the international establishment of shell, who a few years ago started collaborating with Mexico LLC, a leisure and food franchise, where people who are traveling can stop and have a great time and a great meal before they continue their journey. Mexico has a huge inventory that must be kept up to date. The inventory contains products varying from food to cleansing products to coffee and beverages. Six main posts constitute the establishment : The Bar and Cafe, The Restaurant, The Creamery, The Grill, The Bakery and Fast Food.

The Business Problem

When we were approached by the board of Shell Mexico, they had a list of issues that wanted to fix, these issues all amount to one main problem: Our business is losing money everyday because of stock management issues, what they meant by that is that :

  • Information is not centralized we have no idea how much any posts are generating or consuming
  • Employees may be sneaking products out without anybody knowing
  • When will we have a stock shortage ?
  • Who can we trust from all our providers ?
We have no data about our consumers, we don’t know what they like or don’t, we don’t know what sells best, when sales are high or low and why they fluctuate. These issues amount to consequences like:
  • Bad customer experience : a client may want to eat or drink something and it might not be available
  • Draining of resources: product theft, product rotting etc…
  • Impossibility to scale: Not knowing your customers will result in bad decision making, not knowing what to promote etc…

The solution

We created a software solution for our client, the software has the following features :

  • Adding articles to a database, each article belongs to a special class and comes from a specific retailer
  • Adding Retailers and their information
  • Feeding the inventory: Taking from the inventory When an article is near rupture, the retailer that provides that article is contacted automatically via sms or email
  • An email containing information about purchases consumption, what went in or out, is sent automatically to the board members everyday.

MegaBlop: E-commerce, Dropshipping and Retail.


Fred is business owner, his business imports niche products from Asia that he sells on his e-commerce website. His business model differs from a traditional e-commerce website, what’s different about MegaBlop (fred’s business) is that it has a huge group of individuals, working with their phones as independent advertisers paid based on commissions from sales. He calls them Bloppers. All a Blopper has to do is find someone, somewhere, willing to buy a product that Fred has in storage, get their number and address and communicate that information on the MegaBlop platform, where communication is safe and private.

The Business Problem

I built MagaBlop following Fred’s vision four years ago (if you wanna check it out here is the link), and everything was working just fine until Fred called me because MegaBlop was facing a serious business problem. The purchases on MegaBlop increased dramatically, and because of that, MegaBlop’s supply chain became impossible to manage

The solution

After our original audit, we found that we needed to automate the communication with the suppliers according to the customer purchases and we need to be a few days ahead. The way to do that is to analyze the traffic on the site in real time, compile that with the previous purchase history and make a calculated prediction on how much provisions are needed to avoid shortage.
Then we need to automatically act on that prediction to contact suppliers with pre calculated quantities. We also needed to make a detailed dashboard informing the managers about what’s going on in real time. The dashboard will contain all the information relating to stock value, filtered by products, products that are near rupture, others that are on their way and much more.
The strategic advantages this system would add to MegaBlop is of tremendous value :

  • Ensuring that thestorage never runs out of products will result in the best customer experience
  • Also optimized purchases from the supplier will ensure that no unnecessary financial resources are being used and will superbly help with the cash flow issues that may arise, and that every business owner fiercely tries to avoid.
This is how we helped Fred overcome his challenges, this is how we made his life better and this is how we will make yours better. Why don’t you give us a call.

Cryptonite : Crypto stock Prediction and trade automation.


What is the number one question everyone wants the answer to when it comes to crypto ? How can I know if a crypto is going up or down ? meaning what are the indicators that change a certain crypto’s faith leading to rise or fall ?

The Business Problem

The cryptonite team had answers to these questions; they just didn’t know how to make an algorithm that works with their model, and they also had no idea how to make a platform to monetize on that algorithm. That's exactly where they found us and decided to give us a call.

The solution

The algorithm we built scrapes hundreds of thousands of websites, blogs, instagram and twitter accounts, gather the data that is relevant to more than 60.000 crypto coin and do sentiment analysis on the data gathered to decide on a coefficient that will approximately (85% to 90% degree of certainty) predict to faith of a coin. Our algorithm was a few hours ahead, so we had to make an automation API that is connected to famous platforms like Binance, so trades can be programmed. All this wrapped in a stunning platform, so easy to use that users immediately adopted it.

You have an idea, we guarantee that we'll make it work !

Here is exactly what you aregetting with us.

  • Engineering excellence, the output of an entire team that you don’t have to manage, as you are dealing with one person, Me.
  • The full package, You don’t need anybody else on your project. The entire tech part is on me.
  • On time, guaranteed, delivery: I always deliver, always.
  • Perfect communication, i have worked with english and french companies (yes french), so we will understand each other perfectly and faster than you think.
  • I'm available to answer your questions, guide you and make sure you understand every part of the process. You won’t be left out. After the call, we are partners. .
  • You will see results within weeks of us working together. .
  • I guarantee the delivery and the results we will sign contracts that will protect you and your business. .
  • Massive growth like this needs extreme investment, not with us, you will have extravagant growth with an optimized investment. .

e-commerce website CEO

Rachid, CEO Megazone

some text here that proves how great i am...

e-commerce website CEO

Aziz, CEO of Mexico

some text here that proves how great i am...

e-commerce website CEO

Soufiane, CEO SKMarketing

some text here that proves how great i am...

What is Digital Transformation ? Why is digital transformation essential to your buiness.

Every domain of business strategy operates under constraints that dictate how all aspects of the business should be conducted. Every block of the supply chain is bound to run a certain way.
Today, Thanks to the new digital technologies, the old business model is invalidated, and inflexible "dinosaur" businesses vanish, almost overnight.

So, digital transformation is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity, and due to Covid-19 disruptive nature, the digital transformation of your business is now an emergency.

Digital transformation changes how we create value and interact with our customers, it changes how we think about competition, as businesses are not just competing with companies within their industries but also with companies in other industries who revolutionize their offerings through new digital services.

Digital Transformation changes how business leaders make decisions, data-driven decisions are now key to strategic proficiency. Finally, Digital Transformation changes the way businesses innovate, today testing and continuously improving products and services is not as expensive and high risk as they once were, and digitally transformed businesses are constantly innovating.

Why is Digital Transformation Important ?.

I'm gonna quote David L.Rogers, this paragraph is from his book, The Digital Transformation Playbook:
"Today, we are moving to a world of fluid industry boundaries, one where our biggest challengers may be asymmetric competitors— companies from outside our industry that look nothing like us but that offer competing value to our customers. Digital “disintermediation” is upending partnerships and supply chains—our longtime business partner may become our biggest competitor if that partner starts serving our customers directly." David L.Rogers

The 6 Key Elements For a successful Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation success is defined by these six factors
  • Your Digital Transformation strategy should have clear goals, and these goals should align with an integrated strategy that aims to effectively enhance competitiveness, efficiency and market share.
  • The management including the CEO and executives should be invested in the Digital Transformation of the company, if they are not tech savy's they should aim to become at least aware of the tech used in the digital transformation process.
  • Hiring new talents and Training existing employees is a must for the Digital Transformation to succeed. Employees should believe in the tech as a tool that will improve their lifes in the workplace and make their work easier.
  • The management should opt for a more agile and lean governance mindset, as change is disruptive, digital change requires an open, easy shifting mindset.
  • A control process should be in place, to know how effective the digital transformation is and if the company should hit target goals.
  • Always keep in mind that tech should be build to serve the people in your business and not the other way around.

Our 6 Steps Process For a successful Digital Transformation.

We will Digitally Transformation your business, successfully and without hassles, this 6 step process proved to be successfull across the many industries and clients we have worked with.
  • Audit and diagnosis : We start by scheduling a session, that we like to call an Incipio session. An Incipio session might take a few hours or a few days, depending on your business needs. During that session we will ask a series of questions about your business, to find out everything we need to know about it. By the end we will have a clear understanding about what your business does, what value it delivers, how are you serving your customers and a lot more. This is a very important step, you will be shocked to know that many businesses have wrong perceptions about how they do things.
  • Define Pain Points : We will then define paint points that are subtely or implecitely hurting your business, these points are what's standing between you and massive growth, your business perfromance is suffering because of these obstacles. These challenges are not obvious, they are hidden, making them appear on the surface is the goal in this step.
  • Process Analysis : So far we know how your business works and we know the challenges surrounding it. In order to start designing solutions, we need to know the processes on which every operation in your business run upon. It is the only way to ensure that the solutions we architecht will be perfectly integrated within your business.
  • Strategy with defined goals : Now we have what's needed to put down a strategy and an action plan. We know what solutions your business needs to massively grow and perform at it's best. The strategy with defined goals will contain a detail plan about what the solution is, what problems will it solve and how will be integrated within your business processes.
  • Building the solution : The engineering work will now begin. We will start Building the solution your business needs to grow and perform at it's peek. It can be software, mobile app, AI chatbot or Data visualization/analysis etc... each type of solution/platform has it's own process of course, and we will explain those in depth in a blog post.
  • Integration and Training : We will now integrate the growth, tailored solution into your business and train your people to use it effectively.

We are not different because of our performance
but because We truly care about you

I can give you a list of indicators by which we outperform everyone doing what we do. And will probably find our performance to be impressive and we will probably land you as a client, who is happy to have an all star team playing for him. But, as you’ve probably guessed, I won't go down that road. We are not different because we are competent, we are not different because we win, we are different because we care, we care about you and your business, we want to see that business thrive, we want to see the look on your face when it happens. And when it does happen, we want to be there, when you host that big event, telling the world that you have arrived and telling them how we helped you get there.

When people love and deeply rely on the tech made for them inside the companies they work in, massive growth happens. Our mission is to empower people and organizations around the world, using technology and all its power to grow and rise above all obstacles.

  • Value First : meaning you get tremendous value first, and you get
  • Holistic Approach : We will take into consideration every part of your business and we will build every part of the solution, because we believe that perfect harmony is only achievable through holictisim.
  • Active Presence : We will be with you every step of the way, we will be your companion in your journey to growth.
  • Thorough Communication : Vision and competence are useless without the ability to speak them with utter eloquence and fierceness. We will make sure that we listen to your spoken and unspoken needs and be certain that we see the future the way you see it.
  • Provided Guarantee : We made you a lot of promises, how are we gonna prove that we will keep them ? The answer is in the guarantee we offer, all the above promises are stated in a legally binding contract that we will electronically sign, if we fail to deliver on one of our promises, we have to fully refund you within 45 days or we will face serious charges. We are not motivated by fear of course, but we know you are motivated by safety and stability and that’s what the guarantee is for.

My last piece for you : Why i Love doing this

What does it actually mean to make the world a better place ?
Everyone may have a different answer to this question, some of these answers are corny, some are simply unrealistic and very few are actually inspiring. I myself thought about that question for a very long time, and the most inspiring answer I could come up with, is also the simplest one. I believe making the world a better place means doing our best to solve most of our challenges, diffuse most of our fears and make most of our dreams come true. Of course to achieve that, we need faith, fortitude, perseverance and most all, we need tools. And because the task is grand, we need considerable, powerful tools that defy the barriers of reality. Many options exist, each uses his own and the one I chose is Technology. Technology, if used correctly, has the potential to change lives, in the right hands, the power of technology knows no limit. I created this company, to use that immense power, to help, grow, elevate and most of all to connect. My way of changing the world is through technology and the vessel I built to get there is this company. My name is Mohammed Bouaziz, and I'm the co-founder and CEO of Mobodev. Thank you for reading through, I hope I convinced you and I hope we will not only work together but maybe even be friends.